Monday, February 18, 2013

Hi Y’all, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’ve been very buys with life and going to school. I was blessed last week to receive a visit from my daughter and her family, who live in Nashville. Four of my grandkids were her for a visit. All my grandbabies know that a visit with grammy means arts and crafts. This time I was catching up with some of my Drawing 1 homework while they were doing homework at my kitchen table. As soon as they finished with school work they looked to see what I was doing and they all wanted to join in the fun. My two granddaughters have always been in art, but I was surprised to see my 8 year old taking such an interest this time. My newest grandson, Josiah age 7, who was adopted from Ethiopia last August even wanted to get in on the art activity. Drawing and coloring is not an activity that most African orphans get to take part in and his fine motor skills are very undeveloped, so he lost interest quickly and went to sit with his papaw and watch a ballgame.

Cassidy, my second granddaughter, has always been my little artist and receives art supplies and projects for birthdays and Christmas each year. Her big sister, Savannah, now a teen, usually gets some arts/crafts stuff and music or clothes. Jamison’s gift of choice has always been Lego’s for the past few years. I think I will have to send him some art supplies now that he is expressing an interest. I’m posting photo’s of the pictures he drew of me and his papaw, please note his eye for detail in the drawing of me, he drew me drawing (I have a pencil in my hand).

My daughter is working with Josiah to improve his fine motor skills and I plan to do some drawing lessons with him in the future. I thought all kids could draw but I could see vast differences between the two boys. I think that is why it’s so important to work with preschoolers to develop their skills ande husband I have, add a few dreadlocks and he would look exactly like Jonny Depp’s character Capt. Jack Sparrow LOL!

Joe aka. Capt. Jack Sparrow

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