Monday, June 21, 2010

Journal Entry 4

Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning. Lamentations 3:23


Good morning God,
It’s midweek and our trip will be over soon. I wish we were staying longer, there is so much that needs to be done here. Thank you for the rain last night and my refreshing outdoor shower and I’m especially thankful for being able to flush the toilet this morning.

God, you are so good to me, thank you for all the many, many blessings you’ve given me. If I listed them all, this journal could not contain them. You know the desires of my heart and I’m thrilled to see your four footed creatures, but the mouse in our room last night was a little much. It did however bring a smile to my face as we scurried around to zip up the suitcases.
I love you, Lord, please keep us in the palm of your hand and in your will. Be with us in the conference this morning. Orchestrate our steps for your divine purpose.
In Jesus wonderful, powerful name I pray, Amen

Early this morning as I sit here writing in my journal and trying to catch a little breeze, I’m wondering what the day will bring. I can hear the ocean breaking on the rocks and rolling on the shore. I hear a rooster somewhere, birds chirping and men speaking in a foreign language. I look out and see a landscape filled with rusty tin roofs interspersed with palm trees and flowering bushes. On the horizon is the ocean and above is your heavens.

It looks like a clearing along the horizon. Elder Ross said they could tell by the direction of the clouds if they would get rain at the compound. Dark clouds rolling in with the ocean brought the rain here, if the clouds came from the land direction, the rain fall would be in town. The rain sees to have stopped for the moment, I hope we can eat and get to the church before it starts again this morning.

Breakfast was fried flat bread with an onion omelet and peach juice to drink. It’s very hot and steamy this morning, even the chimp is complaining. I found a few more ‘skeeter’ bites, I’m going to get the Benadryl cream before we leave for the conference.
Things went great today, we ‘tweeked’ a few areas last night to make things run smoother in today’s session. The tissue paper flowers were the big hit of the day as far as the crafts were concerned. Leah and Ginger both did a fantastic job. I loved the very large lizard (10-12 inches) that kept running around in the rafters then down the wall. The ladies never paid attention to it as it ran around on the floor and walked back and forth down the center isle while Ginger was speaking. I guess they were used to seeing that in church.

The women here are so beautiful, I love the way they dress. They always wear their best when they come to worship God. Looking out over the audience is a color feast for the eyes. I love the exuberance the show for praising God, I think we could take a few lessons from them.

We’re still having water, electricity and AC problems here at the compound. I have re-sorted the craft supplies for tomorrow and discovered that God has performed another miracle. With as many flip-flops as I have given away and some of the other supplies that have ‘walked away’, I still have 94 pair left! When I counted the repackaged left over supplies for the shoes, I had exactly 94 packages of decorations! Is our God amazing or what? Thank you, Jesus!
The girls and I had a good giggle session this afternoon. When your really tired everything is funny. After dinner we spent time talking with Erwin until bedtime.

The view from the Sun Room

The wall around our compound. The 'blobs' of concreat are filled with large shards of glass. It's the 'Home Security System'

Women carry their babies on their back.
New friends.

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