Friday, June 25, 2010

Journal Entry #7

Save us, O Lord our God, and gather us from the nations, that we may give thanks to your holy name and glory in your praise. Psalm 106:47

We move to a different church today. It is located downtown but it has no walls. There is a roof, which is a very good thing since this is the rainy season. Hopefully it will be a little cooler without walls and it should less smelly, unless there is a sewage problem.

There is a rain delay this morning so we have a little time to relax before the conference. This is the closest church we’ve been to and since it’s Saturday there will not be a much traffic. Today the ladies are making sun visors. I hope they enjoy them.

Another great service today, I made a very special friend. A darling little boy who looked to be around three years old decide to take up with me. The children who live in town have seen white people before but the ones who live farther out in the bush seemed to be afraid of us. One little girl was terrified at one of the other churches and screamed every time she saw us. Bless her heart, she was so cute, we would have loved to hold her.

I met a lady who had beautifully braded hair. I commented on it and learned that she was a hair dresser. She ask if I wanted her to brad my hair, I told her that I didn’t have time since we are leaving tomorrow. But the next time I come to Liberia that she can. I got her to give Maria her number and when I come back I’m going to set up an appointment with her. I think it will be neat. I hope to come back next year if the good Lord is willing. I’m really looking forward to coming back. I’ll take lots of pics of my new do ;o)

After the service we went to an area where some refugees lived to give some candy to the children. We were told not to get out of the van, just hand the candy out the doors of the van. We started a small riot and I thought some of the smaller kids were going to be crushed. I stopped giving out the candy and put the box to the inside of the van. I tried to make them get in line but the only stormed the van and took the candy. The driver was trying to move slowly to get the children to back up but that didn’t work. I was so afraid that hey would be run over. Eventually we were able to move and get away from the mob of kids and adults that appeared from nowhere.

The pastor of the church wants Ginger to preach the sermon tomorrow at their church. Leah is to give a testimony and I’m to exhort! I’m not sure what this is or how to do it. I’ve never done this before but I’ve been watching the ladies at the services we’ve had. I think it’s just praising God. I can do that, I think?!?

We’re back at the compound now and Ginger, Leah and I are trying to prepare for tomorrow’s church service. It’s very hot and we’re all trying to find a cool place to study and pray.

The ladies in their sun visors

The guys who played for us

My little friend and me

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